Hebeos خانه و سهم زندگي
سلام، من خيلي خوشحالم كه شما وبلاگ من را مي بينيد، من دوست دارم مد و ورزش و من داستان زندگي خود را در اينجا به اشتراك بگذاريد

The release of sugar, also called detoxification sugar, has not only been the subject of yesterday's but also an absolute trend in food and health. Why? As people more and more understand what positive effects they can have on life without sugar.

Many people love him, and some can not even live without him. Sugar is included in many of our daily dishes, and we often do not even know how much sugar really is there. Do you believe that even sauغير مجاز مي باشدes contain sugar? That's right - this is not sweet.

Researchers at the Children and Family Research Institute have found that the effect of sugar really affects the cells of the body. Excessive sugar levels reduce the level of cholesterol associated with *** hormone, SHBG. It controls levels of estrogen and testosterone levels in the body. Extreme small amounts of testosterone SHBG or excessive estrogen are released into the body, which can lead to infertility and cancer of the uterus. It can also cause coronary artery disease in women. Additionally, it is known that increasing sugar can lead to other diseases such as obesity and tooth decay.

1. Your skin gets better

Excessive sugar causes inflammation and inflammation of the skin. The consequences are boiling and acne. In addition, sugar causes aging. Because it even reacts to a small amount of sugar, it blocks the skin protein and collagen in its fibers. Tension in the skin decreases and wrinkles and wrinkles are created. Due to the removal of sugar, your skin can really calm down and appear to be much more fresh and smoother.

2. You sleep better

Particularly chocolate at night in front of television often leads to sleep problems. High levels of gluغير مجاز مي باشدe increase your metabolism. Your body processes the absorbed energy and wakes up. By eating without sugar, you go to bed more calmly and you get more energy every day.

3. Your physical fitness level increases

When your blood gluغير مجاز مي باشدe levels increase, our body releases hormone insulin. This increases blood pressure and heart rate. If you lead a non-sugar life, you can usually find blood pressure and heart rate less often after a month. So it's milder and better on your skin.

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